One of the world’s most beloved organizational apps is Evernote, and it’s currently everyone’s favorite darling when it comes to creating, storing, and retrieving information that you’ll need later. But besides the facelift… I mean, update… that the company has just released, Evernote has also launched its premium service after much debate about how to monetize something while still ensuring it has a customer-centric feel and usability.


What the company has ultimately done is create three levels of Evernote usership. Like other functionality apps, there are now basic, plus, and premium plans to choose from.

Basic is just what it sounds like. It’s free, but severely limited; it’s a great sneak peek into what this app can do for you, though. Plus is a good bit more, but at only $2.99/month or $24.99 for the year, it unlocks a host of features that casual but dedicated users will appreciate. Premium, of course, is the full bells and whistles unlimited storage and uploads plan, but at $49.99 for the year and a little bit more if you’re paying monthly, you might have to decide how much use you’ll get out of it. Of course, Evernote’s team actually encourages subscribers to start with the Basic plan and then decide which of the two paid options would best meets their needs.

There’s one other offer in this update, and that’s Evernote Business. This is for the outlets that need a unifying platform to keep their teams connected, and it includes the functionalities that were introduced in Premium but at a pricing option that’s more affordable than signing everyone up individually.

This blog post from Evernote explains in greater detail how the plans work, as well as outlines what you get for your money (or not). For those users who’ve already tested the waters and know they’re die-hard Evernote fans, the link for the latest update can be found HERE.