Icecream offers one of the most popular toolboxes on the File Hippo site, mostly because they keep current with their updates while ensuring a high level of compatibility across multiple platforms and operating systems. The Icecream Apps development team have just launched several big updates, including ones for Icecream Slideshow Maker, Screen Recorder, PDF Split&Merge, PDF Converter, Media Converter, and Image Resizer.


This entire suite of tools has enough to offer any amateur user (not somebody whose job depends on making a cinema-quality video commercial), but the usability of the interfaces is what makes it so popular.

For example, just within the update for the Media Converter, new features include a bulk conversion option that allows you to process several files at a time, the ability to access converted files in your History tab, and the capability of converting YouTube videos to both video and audio formats. Meanwhile, the ever-handy Image Resizer update offers a vertical recognition system that makes sure your reverse image is correct in both vertical and horizontal images, the ability to keep the original aspect ratio while scaling them to fit, and a variety of preset resolution options for those users who don’t know which image sizes they need.

This total package of products is useful across a ton of different every day applications, and with the new features in all of the product updates, it’s no wonder that Icecream is one of the easiest to use suite of components for any kind of media. The full set of downloads can be found by clicking HERE.