Thanks to the latest and greatest in smartphones, there’s an abundance of pretty high-powered cameras in everyday users’ hands. Pound for pound, my iPhone 6 is almost up to the same specs and performance as my Nikon when it comes to capturing video. But the real trick is in what you do with your footage after you press that little red button to stop.


That’s where Filmora Video Editor by Wondershare comes in, and it’s one of the most versatile and user friendly options around. Its May 13th update made its functionality ever more intuitive, and includes a host of options that even the most casual filmmaker can appreciate.

Filmora has always offered the most basic concepts in creating a finished product, including the ability to add text and titles within the file, as well as the option to add music from its rather large library and incorporate other visual effects. Those are considered pretty much industry standard options for film editing software. What sets Filmora apart are the little touches, like over 100 visual effects to choose from and the option to produce slow-motion and time lapsed final cuts.

I particularly love the overlays options, and these are the things that really wow your viewers. Whether you’re making a keepsake to post to Facebook and share with your family, or you’re producing a low-budget but high requirement video for your small business, these overlays will produce a far more professional-looking finished product.

One thing that I think the developers nailed was the difference between the trial version and the premium product. Rather than limit the functionality in the trial version, they’re letting you test drive the full capability of the software. However, films produced in the trial version will have the company’s watermark on it while premium subscribers don’t have to put up with that.

Check out all the great features that Wondershare’s video editor has to offer by clicking HERE for Filmora Video Editor 6.0.3.