Since it was first released 19 years ago, Adobe Flash Player has become a crucial piece of software for viewing multimedia files and executing rich internet applications. The latest beta version ( is a testament to Adobe’s will to never stop improving. Adobe Flash Player Beta 18.144 comes with improved performance, better privacy control, accelerated graphics, high-resolution bitmap support, and more.

Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player provides a cross-platform run time environment for both desktop and mobile applications used internally by AIR. AIR supports unstable apps on Android, Linux, iOS, OS X, and Windows. So, it’s really no surprise that Flash Player is installed on over 90 percent of computers connected to the internet. This beta release provides access to the Flash Player 14 run time for Mac OS and Windows desktop.

In addition to better privacy and improved performance this update includes a preview of a PPAPI Debugger for both Mac and Windows and a download plugin for Mac and Windows with any PPAPI based browser.

Those who update will also be pleased to find a new Stage3D “Standard” Profile feature – developers have been asking for this and Adobe delivered. With the new Stage3D feature, developers will now be able to request the high level profile when creating Context3D. Users will be able to draw multiple render targets and outputs during one drawing and create texture, RectangleTexture, and CubeTexture.

As promised in the Flash Runtime Blog, support for intelx86 Android to AIR has also been added. Adobe has also  said via the Flash Runtime Blog that beginning August 11th, 2015 they will “be upgrading Flash Player’s extended support release from version 13 to version 18.” The post continues, ” This change impacts enterprise and IT customers that currently deploy Flash Player using the extended support releases available through our distribution channel.”

In order to ensure a smooth transition for everyone, Adobe is encouraging that you take advantage of testing the new beta release over the next couple of months before it is fully deployed. You can test Adobe Flash Player Beta 18 by clicking the link and downloading.