If you’re located anywhere north of the equator, you’re probably thinking summery thoughts right about now (and who could blame you, since you’re probably at work). One of the greatest things about our current state of digital and tech connectivity is the ability for many of us to work from almost anywhere. Spoiler alert: I’m writing this from a chair at the pool while my kids are having swim lessons.


But having a truly portable office that can let you work anywhere isn’t as simple as carting a laptop or tablet around with you. The last thing you want to have interrupting your dreamy work-by-the-pool office day is an email on your phone telling you that someone didn’t receive an important file from you, a file that is safely tucked away on your desktop computer. That’s where AnyDesk comes in very handy.

It’s one of the world’s most versatile and user-friendly remote desktops and it lets you connect to your desktop computer from anywhere. Just by setting up your connection and logging in through its double-ended encrypted connection, you can continue your work seamlessly, no matter where the summer takes you.

Apart from the video codec-powered graphic interface that makes AnyDesk so engaging, the entire thing is packed down into 1MB, meaning you’re not chewing up a lot of space.

Be warned, though: AnyDesk is freeware, and as such, it’s going to bring a few friends along. A PC cleaner, a new search gathering toolbar for web browsing, and a couple of other fairly handy tools are included in the update’s download, none of which are obnoxious and all of which are easily removed from your Add/Remove Programs if you find them to not be as useful as you’d like. Hey, it’s a small price to pay for keeping AnyDesk cost effective. Using AnyDesk for free does come with some usage limitations, and it’s pretty much billed as an occasional use option. It’d be perfect for carrying along with you on your family’s vacation this summer, for example. If you know you’re going to need a heftier for-pay option, AnyDesk Lite is available, as are Pro and Enterprise.

To download the beta of AnyDesk’s most recent version, click HERE.