IFTTT is well-known far and wide for their automated tasking applications and  services, but they’re consistent with more than just internet recipes. The popular developer has recently updated all of their apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store, so prepare for a lot of notifications the next time you check your app updates. IF was updated to version 1.4, while DO Button, DO Camera, and DO Note were all upgraded to version 2.0.


IF, the most popular and full-featured application of the four, has become more personal, helpful, and secure than previous versions. IF will now offer recommendations in your feed in an attempt to help users create new Recipes you would never think up by yourself. The developers have also included a new two-factor verification via IFTTT.com and the ability to create Recipes with more channels, including Android Battery, Trello, Weebly, and more.

DO Button’s new update includes the option to create pre-programmed actionable buttons. In previous versions, the number of Recipes you could create when using this feature was limited but not anymore! It is now possible to create unlimited Recipes with the latest version of DO Button as well as include Recipe names in the widget and float DO Buttons. DO Note’s update comes with unlimited Recipes too. In addition, a new widget has been integrated along with a plethora of new channels.

Can anyone guess what’s new in DO Camera? That’s right, unlimited Recipes. But there’s more to DO Camera’s update than unlimited Recipes. Users will now have the ability to draw, write, place emoji’s  and apply new filters to any picture. Not to be left out, DO Camera received it’s own slew of new channels as well.

With these updates IFTTT stays true to their motto to “put the internet to work for you,” as the company consistently strives to improve and make life easier for their users. You can read more about these updates and more – like the new Android Battery Channel and two-factor verification – on the IFTTT Blog.