Users looking for a really great archiving tool in an easy-to-use, familiar-looking interface will find PowerArchiver to be just the tool they need in their toolboxes. And with the 2015 update that was nine months in the making, there’s even more to love about this great product.

power archiver

As with previous editions, file format is no issue. That means no matter what the type of content you’re trying to compress, send, or store, it’ll fit and it’ll work. And with better format adoption, the process should be seamless and streamlined. Of course, that means total support for the ZIP/ZIPX XZ format, both in reading and writing.

One of the most exciting new features is the PowerArchiver Mini, but there’s nothing small about its capabilities. This just means it’s designed to work within the preview Windows Explorer preview window. Yes, you can extract all or part of your content right from a preview window, and you can archive it without even opening PowerArchiver.

For those of you who don’t love to upload, save, then retrieve content, you can now cut and paste content to archive rather than hassling with a more tedious process. When combined with the Join Tool, as part of the Converter platform, you can join together snippets of content into one file for archiving.

Along with the addition of a new skinning system that comes with multiple skins to choose from, the incorporation of a Windows Office 2013 File menu and a new View ribbon menu, switching from one program to the other and back again will feel simple and uninterrupted. The option to keep PowerArchiver pinned to the front means you won’t go hunting around your taskbar to find the program while you’re working.

All in all, the updates should make diehard users even happier while reaching out to new users who haven’t yet become loyal fans. To download the updated PowerArchiver from FileHippo, click HERE.