TeamViewer recently updated their QuickSupport mobile application to provide service technicians with the ability to offer faster, more efficient remote support to Android devices from any Windows computer. The unveiling of the new QuickSupport version ensures service techs that they can connect to mobile devices up to three times faster than before.

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TeamViewer notes that QuickSupport now features smart settings that help control speed and quality settings in order to deliver the best remote experience possible. In addition, a remote support window with with device frame has been embedded into the dashboard providing both customers and managed service providers (MSPs) with better visibility, and a user interface that allows service techs to launch remote control sessions of mobile devices sans delay or interference has been included with the update as well.

The latest version of QuickSupport is available for all Android mobile devices.

TeamViewer provides online collaboration, communication, and remote monitoring software for MSPs. The company is constantly exploring new ways to better support service providers as well. Before QuickSupport was updated, TeamViewer released the TeamViewer App for Outlook which allows service techs and other Team Viewers to establish connections with contacts in Microsoft Outlook. The TeamViewer App for Outlook works for both Windows and Mac users.

With the recent updates to QuickSupport, it is obvious that TeamViewer is striving to deliver efficient communication through instant feedback, allowing users to connect in more and more ways without switching back and forth between applications. TeamViewer provides support to Windows, Mac, and Linux users, and any Android or iOS mobile device. In addition to improved remote control access via the QuickSupport app, users can also transfer files, chat, enable push and pull settings, review installed apps, review important device information, and take advantage of the screen sharing feature to troubleshoot problems on Android 5.0 devices and up.

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