With all the news of recent hackings, data breaches, and other identity losses, one of the biggest threats to consumers is through phishing emails. After garnering millions of email addresses, scammers can flood your inbox with email offers that contain links to viruses, malware, and other malicious software. It’s more important than ever to have really strong antivirus and antimalware software installed, and to keep those applications up to date to protect your tech against the latest dangers.

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Several of FileHippo’s latest releases today include updates to some of the top names that are designed to keep your PC running smoothly. Whether it’s antivirus, defragging, or just a solid PC cleaner, these updates will keep you and your device happy.

The first update is from Glary Utilities, an all-in-one utility for cleaning out your computer and getting everything running at top speed. Version 5.30 contains more than twenty different tools for optimizing performance, including a spyware removal tool, a shortcut fixer, registry cleaner, startup manager, and more.

RogueKiller is another title with an update today. Written in C++, this multi-language platform may be a little on the light side, but it’s really great at sniffing out registry hijacks and malicious autostart entries. It looks around and locates a variety of malicious processes, then removes those threats.

Once you’ve got your system protected, these next two updates will help keep your drives running at top speed. Smart Defrag and PerfectDisk Pro both released updates today that include enhanced auto-optimization; while Smart Defrag is a lighter application, it’s free and includes a separate game defrag that gamers can apply manually. PerfectDisk Pro does have a paid version with more features, though.

For these and all of the other updates released today, be sure to check out FileHippo by clicking HERE.