FileHippo brings you the latest in software updates and new releases every week, and today’s updates are no different. With all the great releases coming out it’s hard to pinpoint which ones are top notch, but the following updates have a lot to offer for both long-time users and new users alike.

Flash Player

One of the biggest updates today is the release for Flash Player. Which one, you say? All of them! Well, at least the ones for Internet Explorer, non-IE browsers, the beta for Internet Explorer, and the beta for non-IE. That’s a lot of Flash happening!

As any developer who’s created content that requires Flash knows, this platform is practically the web standard. After all, 1.3 billion devices–from PCs to phones to tablets–run Flash Player. So making sure your content is compatible with all the latest features of Flash is a good idea. These features include enhanced privacy controls, incredibly versatility in the number and style of filters you can apply, and improved 3D graphics rendering ability. These features and more can be found in today’s release of version 18.0.

The following software titles also launched updated versions today:

Ron’s Editor
Ron’s Renamer
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
Adobe Air
Sandra Lite
Tor Browser
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

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