FileHippo is the go-to source for secure software downloads, and as such each week offers both new releases to current favorites as well as brand-new software titles. All of these are designed with functionality and fun in mind, while keeping you free from malicious downloads. Two recent updates are titles that help your system run smoothly while putting more power in your hands in terms of your network’s connectivity.



The first is Fiddler, a free web debugging proxy from the developers at Telerik. Fiddler cleans up the traffic from both computers and mobile devices and helps ensure that all of the little things like cookies and headers are in their proper places. With a ton of customizable add-ons to let you control the workflow, it’s important to note that Fiddler is not made for the novice user. It’s got a great looking interface, but with all of these options it takes a little know-how to run it.

The other great update is for Wireshark, one of the best network protocol analyzers available. In use across a huge variety of industries, it lets you peek at your network at practically the nano-level so you can detect any issues almost instantaneously. This includes live-capture and offline access to your system, VoIP analysis, decryption support for tons of different protocols, and compatibility with lots of different file formats, just to name a few.

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