One of the hot topics right now in all levels of internet activity–from the casual soccer mom who updates her Facebook status to the IT engineer working on sensitive, proprietary content–is VPNs, or virtual private networks. New VPN platforms are cropping up every day, and smart tech users are flocking to hide their internet activity from general view with them.

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For the uninitiated, a VPN acts just like  tunnel. While the rest of the world is standing around in the open where everyone can theoretically see what they’re doing online, you can crawl in your tunnel and pop up on any website you want. all from the privacy of…well, your tunnel. The other great thing about your own private VPN tunnel is that you can “trick” websites into thinking your tunnel starts and ends from somewhere else, which is especially handy if you’re in a country that blocks certain websites like Netflix or Skype.

One crucial group of people who stands to benefit from the use of a VPN like ZenMate Security, Privacy, and Unblock VPN, which released an update today on FileHippo, is the active duty military. Ignoring the fact that 15,000 of the exposed email addresses in the Ashley Madison breach had .gov or .mil addresses and IP addresses tied to government computers, there are legitimate, vital reasons for using an VPN. Logging into sensitive financial or social media accounts from a foreign deployment base while using a shared computer is just one of the many reasons. Of course, passing the time by using your own paid Netflix or Hulu account is problematic if the country of deployment has blocked the website, but a VPN would let you connect from a seemingly US connection.

While many VPN platforms operate through a freemium model, ones like ZenMate offer the convenience of residing in the toolbar of your Chrome browser. For basic everyday activities like Googling an innocuous piece of information, you can search without activating it. For more involved or sensitive activities, you can simply click to turn on the protection.

To check out all the great features of the newly launched ZenMate or to see what other software titles released an update today, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.