While everyone bemoans the slower-than-molasses lag time of an older computer and internet service providers boast about their industry-beating high-speed internet packages, too many tech users overlook one of the most common and easiest culprits in slow hardware: a clogged computer.


Advanced Systemcare is a one-click utility that rids your hard drive of the garbage you don’t need, freeing up disk space and generally keeping things running more smoothly. Now that version 10 is out of its previous public beta round and is ready for download, here are some of the updated features and old mainstays that you can rely on:

  • Advance system optimization
  • Privacy protection
  • FaceID
  • ‘Speed Up’ features
  • Surfing Protection & Ads Removal
  • Backup and restore
  • Privacy Sweep

Some of the more interesting–and admittedly, cautious–features that have been incorporated in this version are involved in user security. In order to offer top-notch protection, the user does have to turn over access to a few key things, like the camera. FaceID is great for blocking unauthorized users from accessing your content, for example, but only if you’ve pre-loaded your own authorized image of your face and if you’ve given access to your camera to the application. At the same time, though, the enhanced browsing and ad blocking in the new version is aimed at keeping prying eyes out of your web-based business.

One of the things that initially made Advanced Systemcare’s previous versions popular with tech users is still in place, and that’s its ability to monitor RAM, CPU, and disk space in real time. Once this feature is enabled, users can see what tasks are chewing up space and processing speeds and either end them or work with them. A simple click provides a key look at where the holdup might be. Coupled with the ability to fully clean out any unnecessary programs, such as those that come packaged or bundled with drivers or updates, Advanced Systemcare works to ensure your hardware is up to speed.

To download Advanced Systemcare 10, click here.