What if you had the ability to make your hardware run exactly the way you think it should? That you could automate a number of the processes your computer or device already does, making them run more to your exact needs? There’s a new software in public beta that lets you do just that.

Using a truly innovative “card” menu, Ellp lets users select the cards they need most. It feels a lot like elementary school learn-to-code kits: you select the card, edit it to run exactly the way you want, and then apply it to your workflow in order to automate the things you don’t need to focus on. The classic if/then approach to problem solving has not only been applied to your hardware, software, and apps, it’s easily customizeable.

Some of the tasks you can automate include freeing up disk space of unwanted clutter, moving your Facebook photos to a saved folder without being prompted, launching your music player automatically when you plug in your headphones, launching you VoIP application when you plug in your mic/headphone combo, mute the sound on your laptop between the hours of this and that, and more. Even better, new cards are added routinely as feedback comes in to the company. If you don’t like the functionality, simply remove the card and withdraw that automation.


According to a product description for Ellp, “The card layouts make it simple to identify its task at-a-glance. Cards are sorted into categories, which cover general subjects such as power use, storage, performance, and security. Setting up cards is straightforward and as soon as you have configured your cards in each category, you are all set. Cards can be switched off, if you would rather manage the task manually, and tasks can be altered at any time you choose.”

To try Ellp for yourself, download it here. Ellp is currently in public beta for Windows, while Android and iOS platforms are launching next year.