Some tech users might not immediately think of a free download of a DVD copying program when they imagine the most innovative concept in new software, given that DVDs are hardly the go-to source of portable entertainment these days. But DVDs are far from gone, and the developers at DVDFab continually release updated versions of their full library of software titles that make your entertainment tools and other electronics work well.


But that’s not the real news here. The really innovative part of DVDFab’s latest offering is what they’re calling DVDFab Mini, which is available as an embedded co-download in the new version 10. DVDFab Mini, as the name implies, is a “mini” version of the software. Why would you possibly want that?

“Upon finishing the installation of DVDFab 10, there will be two shortcut icons appeared on the desktop, one is for the fully-featured DVDFab 10, and the other for the simplified DVDFab Mini,” the company explains. “The intention behind this design is more than obvious – if all you care about is get your task done without having to set up all those complicated parameters, then you go with DVDFab Mini, but if you belong to those who want to put all the details under your command and would like the output result to meet your very special requirements, then you can stick with DVDFab 10.”

This concept opens up an entire world of functionality options. Imagine you’re a graphic designer who’s had full college coursework in using Photoshop, for example, and your sister wants her cheating ex-boyfriend cut out of the picture she texts you. You don’t need the full functionality of Photoshop for something that simple, so a “mini” version of the software would let you make the soul-mending tweaks without all the bells and whistles…and effort. That’s the theory behind bundling two versions of the same software–one with complete capability for those who have the expertise to make custom adjustments, and one with a simpler, more streamlined dashboard that just need to get a quick job done.

To get DVDFab 10 and its included DVDFab Mini for a limited time, download the Alpha version by clicking here.