The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) continues in Las Vegas, much to the delight of basically anyone who has access to electricity. Even if you’re not an avid watcher of the live stream presentations and minute-by-minute social media updates from reporters on the scene, your life is very likely to be impacted when these must-have gadgets and innovations hit the market.


One of the surprises this year is the guru of fitness wearables, Fitbit, demoing a software update at the event, rather than new hardware. It makes sense given the saturated wearables market, and Fitbit is banking on turning fitness tracking social. This “friendzone” of fitness is designed to tackle one of the major hurdles that every fitness wearable manufacturer is facing, namely, that about a third of users have quit wearing their tracker. However, if users have an accountability friend, they take on average 700 more steps per day than those who don’t have someone to answer to.

Superficially, it might seem like a non-issue; after all, why does Fitbit care if you keep using its product? They’ve already got your money, after all. First, like most companies, they need to build a loyal customer base and keep that customer based engaged with their product. Second, trackables wearers are instant brand ambassadors, something that really helps get the word out about products. Finally, a fitness tracker left uncharged in a drawer isn’t going to wear out from overuse, prompting its owner to purchase the newest model.

One of the most helpful new features of the upcoming software update will be its community section, while will offer users the ability to locate and connect with workout groups in their area. It can carry the same pitfalls as any other “meet up online” platform, but when used with proper privacy and caution can help Fitbit customers locate new trainers and workout partners.

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