Five people have been arrested, accused of selling set-top boxes modified to stream subscription football matches, TV and films for free.

As reported by the BBC, the sale of so-called “fully loaded Kodi boxes” has been called a “top priority” by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).


Action was taken on behalf the Premier League, Sky, BT Sport and Virgin Media.

The five traders were arrested in early morning raids on February 8. According to FACT: “Fully-loaded illegal TV set-top devices were seized at the homes of the five suspects. These devices are pre-loaded with unlicensed add-ons and apps which then allow users to illegally stream content to their TV such as premium pay-for TV channels, live sport and films.

“Collectively it is believed the suspects have made in the region of £250,000 across social media, online forums, as well as their own dedicated websites.”

All were taken to local police stations for questioning and have since been released on bail pending further enquiries.

The action was instigated by FACT on behalf the Premier League, Sky, BT Sport and Virgin Media.

The developers behind Kodi say their software doesn’t any contain content of its own and is designed to play legally owned media or content, which is “freely available” on the internet.

However, the software can be modified by third-party add-ons, providing access to pirated copies of films and TV shows, or free access to subscription television channels.

The sale of these so-called “fully loaded” boxes is currently the subject of a legal test case.

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