Audials One 2017 is the complete solution for capturing radio channel content, songs, and videos from the internet at large.

You can choose to listen or watch later whether you have an internet connection or not. It may just change the way you use the internet – forever!

Sounds great, how does it work?

In real terms, Audials One is basically an online search engine that allows you to search for and collect free versions of music and video on the internet, just for you. While new users may initially be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available to them when they load Audials One, the interface looks good, and the learning curve is quite shallow. Controlling Audials One is intuitive and the process for getting exactly what you want is logical and straightforward. Features are also organized in a clear and crisp way.

The Audials One interface: Works great and looks good, with the exception of Justin Bieber in the top right of the picture.


Record the internet?

Yep. You can literally record from any streaming audio source available on the net. Audials One also gives you access to listen to over 100,000 Internet radio stations across the globe. And if you find a song you want to record, just hit the record button.

You can also search through radio stations to find specific songs or audio, and you can choose whether you want to then download it in a video or audio format. You can also set Audials One to only show search results for music and audio of specific qualities, which is a nice touch.

How does it work?

The search is carried out by populating an artist’s name or song title, which provides you with results and their source, most of which are returned from YouTube. Once you have the files, which are high quality, you can then save them as MP3’s or WMV’s. It also works perfectly well on Windows 10, 8 and 7.


Overall, Audials One is a really good way to locate license free music on the Internet. The only downside is that after a free trial period, you will have to then buy it to continue using it. But that said, it may be well worth the purchase. You can of course try it completely free here from

*Your responsibility. A word of caution:

Yeah, please do note that you are responsible for the content you download from the internet, and that you should respect and comply with whatever laws and rules exist for your particular geographical jurisdiction. Downloading copyrighted material from the internet is in many places against the law, so use Audials One responsibly, and only download audio and video that has been expressly made free to download.