Connected devices are a double-edged sword these days. The added convenience and functionality has to be weighed against the security concerns associated with unsecured networks and hacking. One researcher has just discovered that the latest vulnerable tech comes from high-end hoverboards by Segway.

This high-end hoverboard-slash-segway combo actually powers by highly sensitive human interface while driving, relying on input from the driver’s balance, position, and even lower legs. As an added layer of connectivity, the user can also modify the device through its associated app, even allowing the user to “summon” the vehicle.

A number of Seway vulnerabilities found by IOActive security researcher

Another connected device, another security flaw…


And in yet another example of “this is why we can’t have nice things”, 

Patched, but questions remain

Fortunately, these flaws were discovered last year and Segway has issued the necessary patch, but it begs the question: why are so many connected devices reaching consumers only to have security researchers (or worse, hackers) discover all the ways the product can turn on you? The cultural meme about the toaster rising up and overthrowing its human owners is a silly joke, but the rush to get new devices onto store shelves means some companies aren’t thoroughly vetting their own handiwork.

It might not protect your Segway, but you can download the latest security software right now, here on FileHippo.