Manage your audio files and optimize your music. 

You buy a track here and there, and when you’re feeling fancy, maybe even a whole album. Then of course there’s so many great podcasts stream and download… And so you carry on, minding your own business, steadily amassing an enviable audio library and then, boom! Before you know it you, you’ve got 1,000s of audio files to manage and it suddenly all gets too much! Have no fear. Our Top 5 music players and managers have got your back. The apps featured in this collection are: Clementine Player; GOM Audio; MediaMonkey; TunesGo; and VOX.

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VOX is a feature-rich music player, which allows you to store all of your music in one place. It can play pretty much every type of music file, everything from lossless files like FLAC, ALAC and WAV, to compressed files like MP3 and AAC. VOX is compatible with different audio sources including iTunes, so you can easily enjoy your full iTunes library, with full access to your playlists, albums and artwork. You can also control audio output sources such as Bluetooth and AirPlay. It features a smart equalizer with built-in presets that also allows you to create your own custom controls. VOX is all about simplicity, resulting in a crisp and concise interface that is just so easy to use. An in-app purchase will also bag you over 3,000 radio stations; plus VOX has full SoundCloud integration.