Protect your passwords, banking details, addresses and more with these great free apps. 

There’s no getting around it. Passwords are a curse of modern life. As, unfortunately, are the growing threats of hacking and cybercrime. So, it’s little wonder that password managers are growing in popularity. How they go about it varies slightly, but the core offer is basically the same: just a single, master-password to remember, and these clever apps do the rest for you. Sounds good? It is!
The programs featured in our selection are: Icecream Password Manager; Kaspersky Password Manager; LastPass; Password Boss and Password Memory.

Kaspersky Password Manager

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From the big-name antivirus publisher, Kaspersky Password Manager is able to securely store your passwords, addresses and banking details, and can then synchronize them across all of your devices. The app is really easy to setup and use; just install it, and run through a quick process to choose a master-password. Follow a couple more easy steps and you’re good to go. To maximise security, passwords are generated on your PC – and can then be used on any of the supported devices. Kaspersky Password Manager gives you a choice of free or premium versions of the app. The free version will allow you to store fifteen account passwords, addresses or bank card details. If you want to manage more items, you can upgrade to the premium version that will allow you to store and manage an unlimited number of passwords, addresses and bank card details.