Site hit with DDoS attack within an hour of tweet.

Hillary Clinton is like the awesome grandma you no longer get to see because she was your stepdad’s mom. Things didn’t work out and your stepdad is no longer around, so somehow, you lost custody of this grandma, too.

As the candidate who won the popular vote – and by many armchair pundits’ reckoning, also won the White House but was denied due to Russian tampering with the US election and foreign interruption to the voting process in key states – Clinton has done what the second place contestant should do. She’s continued to be a vocal presence online for positive impact, she’s written another book, and she’s trying daily to rally the masses who are still struggling under the weight of what went wrong last November.

Verrit hit hard and quickly

But that still isn’t enough for some people, as evidenced by the recent hacking of a site only hours after Clinton tweeted her endorsement. Verrit, a political fact-checking site, supposedly provides a much-needed service in this era of fake news and Photoshopped images of the president rescuing cats from the flood waters in Texas. However, it’s tagline is decidedly pro-Clinton, pro-Democrat, as it states it’s aimed at the “65.8 million.”

That number is no accident. That’s the estimated number of votes Clinton actually would have won the election by if the US didn’t employ its Colonial-era electoral college system. Each state gets a specific number of “electoral votes,” so regardless of whether or not you wanted to wake up to the words, “President Clinton,” last fall, your vote essentially didn’t count if your state’s electoral votes were insignificant to the overall process.

Within an hour of the endorsement, though, hackers shuttered the site with a DDoS attack. Fortunately, it’s now back in operation and followers can use the site to verify the flood of “alternative facts” that are distributed daily across the internet, some of which even originate from official spokespeople.

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