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Apple has done it again. If the reports are to be believed, the iPhone 5 is a huge success already, less than a week... iPhone 5: A Roaring Success

Apple has done it again. If the reports are to be believed, the iPhone 5 is a huge success already, less than a week after it was released to the public. The sales are high and well above the level that Apple expected them to be. They have already stopped taking orders since the original stock sold out. At present, the shipping time has been pushed back to as much as three weeks. With hordes of fans still waiting to get their hands on the new smartphone, the signs are good for Apple in the coming weeks.

Apple Gets It Right Once More

It seems that Apple has got some magical formula that it uses to ensure its products sell like hot cakes. When the iPhone 5 was first unveiled, the experts and critics didn’t exactly warm up to it in the way they had to its predecessors. However, the middling reviews had zero effect on the consumers as they lined up in long queues to buy the iPhone 5 as soon as it went on sale.

Apple iPhone 5

After the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who was their chief driving force since the turn of the millennium, there were murmurs that Apple might not be able to replicate its previous success. Well, that has been proven wrong, first by the New iPad and now the iPhone 5. It seems as though Apple can release anything into the market and people will buy it.

The Factors Responsible for the Success

In this day & age, the average consumer is tech-savvy. People know the ins and outs of every gadget that comes up for sale and if it doesn’t fit their standards, they don’t buy it. It was clear from the reviews that experts and critics weren’t all that much impressed by the new smartphone but the sales tell a different story. Hence, it is obvious that there are other factors responsible for iPhone 5’s success.

A Beautiful Design

Starting off with the exterior, it is clear to see that Apple has worked hard to make the iPhone 5 appear attractive to the eye.  You can get the phone in black or white, each color glistening and gleaming. The black-on-black design has received much praise. The aluminum glass body only adds to the allure.

New Components

Being the leader of the industry, Apple can pull a few strings to make sure it gets what it wants. This has happened with the components and parts of the iPhone 5 some of which are brand-new and haven’t been included in any other gadgets as yet. They include the upgraded Retina screen and Gorilla glass, which is scratch-resistant.

Better Camera

Cue the world’s first movie shot on a phone. Well it hasn’t happened yet, but the camera of the iPhone 5 is certainly good enough for someone to consider the option. You can shoot 1080p videos in high definition. It is significantly better than the iPhone 4S’s camera. The iPhone 5 camera even allows you to snap pictures while making video.

As you can see, Apple has conquered the battlefield once more but only by focusing on the quality of its product. The critics may complain about the iPhone 5, but the people are going to keep buying it. It is safe to say that the iPhone 5 is already a roaring success.


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