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It is becoming nearly impossible to keep Apple out of the news. The industry giant has been hogging the spotlight for the past decade... Apple Apologizes for Maps Mess

It is becoming nearly impossible to keep Apple out of the news. The industry giant has been hogging the spotlight for the past decade or so based on its innovative and high quality products. However, the past couple of weeks have seen numerous developments which have kept Apple in the headlines. First there was the landmark lawsuit victory over Samsung, then came the launch of the iPhone 5 and now Apple has to deal with a major glitch in their new smartphone: the maps app.

apple maps issues

The Problem with Maps

Apple’s products come with reliability based on the maker’s track record over the years. Though the iPhone 5 has been lapped up by the public and has earned glowing reviews for some of its features, there is one chink in the armor which has proved to be its undoing. The Maps application has been found to be undercooked and not at all ready for use. Users have been facing problems with it and experts have said that Apple appears to be vulnerable for the very first time.

The Apology

With the negative reviews piling up, Apple chose to clarify its position with an apology. This is unlike the company which is known for taking no prisoners. Their cutthroat approach to business is one of the reasons they are at the apex of the consumer gadget market. In the midst of this melee, Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued an official apology. He has pledged that they are doing their best to make the application better.

Surprisingly, he suggested the customers to check out their rivals’ map apps such as Google Maps. This is the first time that Apple as looked afraid of the potential ramifications of this development and are willing to do anything to keep their customers happy. In the aftermath of founder Steve Jobs’ death, it seems as though Apple are finally beginning to realize how difficult it is going to be to run the company without him.

In a similar occurrence a couple of years ago, Apple hadn’t apologized when some people who bought the then recently launched iPhone 4 complained of the signal quality. Instead, they took a strong stance, going so far as to deny the problem actually existed. That steel and confidence is missing today, as seen in Mr. Cook’s apology.


While their rivals are happy that Apple has stumbled, most industry insiders have praised the company’s move to issue an apology. They feel that it shows that the company is willing to deal with the issue rather than denying or sweeping it under the carpet. Apple’s stock has taken a hit in the wake of this apology as stakeholders seem to have lost a little confidence in the company.

However, as long as the iPhone 5 keeps meeting its projected sales figure for the near future, Apple shouldn’t be really bothered about it. Only time will tell whether this is a one-time issue or Apple begins facing such problems in the years to come.


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