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Back when the iPad first came out on the scene, the impact was such that it was inevitable that it would take up a... Is The Tablet Market More Than Just an iPad Market?

Back when the iPad first came out on the scene, the impact was such that it was inevitable that it would take up a lion’s share of the market. At that time, the tablet market hadn’t grown to the level it is at now with multiple manufacturers putting out their products. Still, Apple continues to enjoy a large share of the market. Time and time again, you hear people remark that the tablet market is only just an iPad market. But is it?

The Times They Are A-Changing

Bob Dylan probably didn’t have the tablet market in mind when he wrote that song but the times are definitely changing in what was previously the iPad market. The reason why the iPad was able to take the market by storm was because of a lack of alternatives. If someone wanted a tablet, they had to buy an iPad or settle for one of the lesser species.

Google Nexus vs. other tablets


Now, the scenario has changed considerably with various Android-based tablets enjoying high sales. Other makers including Samsung have jumped into the arena and are attempting to wrest the initiative from Apple. This doesn’t mean that the iPad was only the market leader by default. It still is a product of the highest quality and consumers love using it. Yet, as the number of options has increased, the sales have dwindled significantly.

Numbers Never Lie

When comparing the performance of a product in the market, using statistics is the best option. After all, numbers never lie. At the end of last year, over 80% of the people who were using a tablet had an iPad. This year, that number has fallen significantly and Apple now controls just over 50% of the share. This, in a year when a new version of the iPad, the iPad 3, was launched, goes to show how much the market has changed over the past couple of years.

What the Future Bodes?

Apple can no longer assume that they have the tablet market by the scruff of its neck. The competition is rising and Apple’s high prices keep driving a certain segment of the consumers away. However, this doesn’t mean that it is doomsday for them. Their sales are as strong as ever. Yet, more people are veering away towards the Android operating system. It remains to be seen whether Apple can continue to dominate the market in the next couple of years or one of the other brands takes over.


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