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It’s been a year now. Last year on October 5, the world lost a visionary when Apple founder Steve Jobs finally succumbed to cancer.... Steve Jobs – A Year On From His Death

It’s been a year now. Last year on October 5, the world lost a visionary when Apple founder Steve Jobs finally succumbed to cancer. He had been battling the disease for years before his death but it didn’t stop him from leading Apple to the summit of the tech industry. Since his demise, Apple has had its ups and downs and the time is right to reflect on the year that has passed.

1 year on from Steve Job's death

An Expected Loss

One thing that went hugely in favor of Apple was that they knew Jobs’ passing away was inevitable. His cancer was untreatable and he himself was ready for it. This put them in the perfect position to plan for the day when it finally happened. Moreover, they had Jobs himself to oversee the transition of power once he is no longer there. Since they could expect losing Steve Jobs, they were in a position where they could cope up with the loss.


If this had not been the case, Apple would have struggled to keep up their dominance of the industry. It is widely known that Jobs was the man who made the decisions and ran the show. He was also the face of Apple and the man who unveiled all their products. CEO Tim Cook has taken over the reins now and he still believes Apple wouldn’t have been the force it is without Steve Jobs. He has pledged that the company would keep striving to carry on Steve Jobs’ legacy into the future.

Where is Apple Now?

When the news of Steve Jobs’ death broke out, most industry experts felt that Apple was going to take a hit because of it. After all, Jobs had been the catalyst for its success and the company only managed to be super successful after he returned to the fold. However, the expectations of all those experts have failed to substantiate as Apple is now stronger than ever. In the past one year, Apple has kept unveiling new products, including the iPhone 5 while enjoying strong profits.

Though there is no denying the fact that it isn’t the same without Steve at the helm, the company has continued its strong performance and continues to control a major share of the smartphone and tablet market. It wouldn’t have been much different had Steve Jobs still been there. His presence has been missed but the seeds he planted are continuing to bear fruit. His legacy is in safe hands.


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