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Three different names in project management software to help you keep track of your team and handle your projects and tasks in a more... The Best Project Management Software

Three different names in project management software to help you keep track of your team and handle your projects and tasks in a more efficient manner.

Collaboration is one of the critical activities in any team. It is even more crucial to have clear and transparent channels of communication when it comes to teams working in different parts of the world. There are, naturally, many ways by which you can communicate with your team members and keep tabs on projects. However, the most efficient and cost-effective way to go about it is to utilize project management software that everyone can access anytime, anywhere.

Project Management Software

Project management software has risen in popularity in the recent times, especially with the increase in remote workers. Team members may be located in five different time zones, not to mention clients in other parts of the world. With the right project management platform, a team can make sure that all relevant information (including a list of tasks!) is accessed by the concerned team members without time and geography being an issue.

With the amount of choices you have when it comes to project management platforms, you might need a little help in making your decision. Here are tried tried and tested project management platforms that will meet different kinds of needs.


The underlying principle of Basecamp is one often quoted in the design world: “Less is more”. The strength of Basecamp lies in getting rid of messy email threads. Instead, a team member creates a post in Basecamp, aptly labeled/titled, which other members then reply to – leaving only one thread for one topic.

It also supports practically every useful file format, allowing attachments to be uploaded with the messages. Basecamp also has features such as milestones and calendars.

Basecamp project management software


While Basecamp is one of the most popular project management platforms, it may not be the best choice for small businesses or teams – simply because it is not free. This is where TeamLab comes into the picture, for it is absolutely free and does practically what Basecamp does. I have to say that Basecamp does look nicer, but that’s something you can do without.

It is worth noting, however, that TeamLab just announced the beta version of TeamLab 7.0. While this means that there is premium service available, the public edition still remains free to use.

TeamLab project management software


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that also covers project management, then OneDesk may suit you better. Already one of the biggest project management platforms, OneDesk covers areas such as product roadmapping, idea management, issue tracking, and customer feedback.

You can try it for free, but once you want to use it fully, you’ll have to pay $30 per user per month. Pretty steep for small groups, but bigger operations might find it a more efficient tool.