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Whether you have upgraded, changed, companies, or simply have a cell phone that has stopped working, odds are you have an old cell phone... What Should You Do with Old Cell Phones?

Whether you have upgraded, changed, companies, or simply have a cell phone that has stopped working, odds are you have an old cell phone just lying around. Rather than keep clutter lingering around your home or tossing that old cell phone into the landfill to wreak havoc on the earth, there are things you can do with those old phones that could potentially benefit yourself and Mother Earth.

Trade It In

If your old cell phone still works and is not ancient or unable to be repurposed for future use, try taking it into a wireless store and see if they will allow you to trade your old phone in for a discount off the price of a new one. Many wireless retailers offer this option and in the end, everyone wins. You get a discount, the phone stays out of the landfill, and another customer potentially gets the benefit of a cheaper, good as new cell phone.

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

Some wireless companies will let you bring old cell phones into their store or will provide prepaid mailing labels so you can send your old wireless phone to their company. They will go through the phones they receive, setting some aside for recycling and others for refurbishing. This keeps the phones out of the landfill and saves on materials used to create new phones. Refurbished phones also give those on a tight budget the opportunity to own a great phone without the disadvantage of a high price tag. If this option is not available to you, check online and locally for organizations dedicated to recycling of cell phones and technological gadgets.

Sell Your Old Cell Phone

If your old cell phone is a name brand and was manufactured within the last few years, you might be able to make a few bucks off it. There are a few ways to do this, and how much you wish to make, as well as the age, brand and type of cell phone will make a difference in determining which method is right for you. You can place a classified ad, either in print or online. However, you’re probably not going to get top dollar this way, and selling in this manner should be done at your own risk. A good alternative is to list the phone on eBay, Bonanza, or a similar site. Be sure to include phone specs, history, what’s included and not included with the phone, any flaws, and information regarding the new for repurposing, a new SIM card, etc. Also, be sure to do some market research and set a fair but competitive price based on similar phones in the same condition as yours.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of listing your old cell phone for sale yourself, you can search the internet for companies that buy old cell phones. There are several out there, and prices paid vary. However, you can make a decent buck this way, and most companies will provide a prepaid shipping label so you can send the cell phone to them post haste, and once they inspect the phone and make any quote adjustments, they will issue a payment to your PayPal account or send you a check in the mail. The only real downfall to this option is that many of these cell phone buyers only want specific makes and models.

Your old cell phone doesn’t have to take up space in your home or the landfill. You can benefit yourself and the environment by choosing the most appropriate option above for disposing or repurposing your old phone.


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