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Apple takes its time with launching new gadgets. The rumors are allowed to circulate for months, even years before they materialize. This has been... What You Don’t Know (Yet) About the iPad Mini

Apple takes its time with launching new gadgets. The rumors are allowed to circulate for months, even years before they materialize. This has been the case with the smaller version of the iPad. Ever since the second generation iPad was launched, there have been reports that Apple is working iPad Mini, a smaller version of the best-selling tablet. Well, finally Apple has broken the silence over the matter and is expected to announce the release of the iPad Mini in the days to come.

iPad Mini

The fact remains that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest people know anything about the iPad Mini as yet. There have been some ‘pictures’ and ‘spec reports’ which have claimed to reveal everything about the new device. However, the validity and accuracy of those is under a cloud. Only when Apple finally chooses to reveal it will everyone know what it is all about. For speculation’s sake, here are some things you don’t know yet about the iPad Mini.

The Name

So far, the smaller version of the iPad is being referred to as the iPad Mini. However, Apple has kept mum on the issue till now so no one knows what the device is going to be called. The other name doing the rounds is iPad Air. This confusion would be cleared the moment Apple decides to go public with their announcement.

The Price

However much the iPad Mini costs, people are going to flock up to buy it as soon as it goes on sale. There is no doubt that the high demand for Apple products would see this device selling like hot cakes initially, regardless of its price. The market outlook at present is to price new tablets as low as possible. The price range for the current competitors in the market is $199 to $399. Apple could go above and beyond, but given the size of the device, it should fall in the $299 to $349 range.

The Capacity

The large version of the iPad is available with 16, 32 and 64 GB of storage capacity. Given that the iPad Mini is a smaller version, it should apply to storage as well. Yet, that would mean taking on the competition as most of the similar sized devices have 8 or 16 GB of space. Apple has the option of offering the same storage capacity options as the iPad, but that would mean offering people a low-cost version of the same device, thereby creating competition for the iPad.

The Colors

The smaller size of the iPad Mini could give Apple the option of increasing the range of colors available for it. After all, they have done the same with the iPods as they are now available in a lot of candy colors. It remains to be seen whether Apple decides to stick with their usual two-color option or diversifies.

These are some of the things no one knows yet about the iPad Mini. Given Apple’s history, it could be some time before anything can be said for sure.


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