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Best TED Talks

Internet November 29, 2012 Noemi

Next month, I am going to attend my first ever live TEDx event. Sure, it is not the “original” brand, TED, but it is still... Best TED Talks

Next month, I am going to attend my first ever live TEDx event. Sure, it is not the “original” brand, TED, but it is still something to look forward to. Ever since TED launched in 1984, the non-profit has grown massively. With its tagline “Ideas Worth Spreading”, it has immensely reached out to people all over the world, no matter what background.

Best TED Talks

The idea behind TED is to inspire everyone who witnesses the talks, whether in person or virtually. While the former is probably so much more emotional, watching a TED video probably just has as much potential to light a fire under one’s bum.

What constitutes a good TED talk? The definition may differ depending on the person that you ask, but I guess what Chris Anderson, TED curator, has to say weighs a lot. He says, ” I love best talks that give you a mental shift. They just make you see the world differently.” (Source)

I totally agree. So, while there are thousands of talks out there, here are a few which I think can be labeled as the best TED talks. You may disagree, but I assure you that you’ll be better off after watching them.

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Filmed in 2006, this talk highlights how the educational system may be to the detriment of students. Educators, parents, and students alike will gain valuable and thought-provoking insights from this talk.

Motivation is something that we need to have a dose of regularly. It’s not easy to always find it, but here’s an awesome talk about motivation by Al Gore’s erstwhile speech writer.

Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia

Wikipedia has replaced hours of effort doing research for school work or whatever other purpose. It has its downsides, but we can’t deny how it has impacted our lives. This talk by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is a must-watch.

Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice

The more choices, the better, right? Author Barry Schwartz tells us how this situation might actually be making us more miserable. Living in this age of consumerism, all of us need to watch this talk and rethink things.

These are handpicked choices, the best TED talks in my opinion. What do you think? Do you have other talks that you would add to the list of best TED talks?

[Image via Social Rhythms]