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Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 8 in the best manner possible. They want to target as many users as possible before the year... Could Windows 8 Prove to be the Opening Linux Needs?

Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 8 in the best manner possible. They want to target as many users as possible before the year is through. The computer giant has been facing declining PC sales and hopes the new operating system would buck that trend. With the company looking to make inroads into the tablet and smartphone market, Windows 8 could prove to be the most important product by Microsoft yet.

While the folks at Microsoft are understandably excited over the launch of Windows 8, the open-source platform Linux has the opportunity to make the most of the situation. The cyber world is abuzz with news that Linux vendors have been following the latest developments at Microsoft closely. Before you assume something, they aren’t the least bit happy that Microsoft is launching a new operating system. The only reason they are showing interest is because they consider it an opportunity.

Most industry experts have commented that Microsoft has taken a gamble by introducing the Windows 8 to a wide audience. They feel the operating system is better suited to handheld devices and that users installing it on laptops and desktops won’t enjoy using it. It remains to be seen to what extent that proves to be true.

Yet, there is no doubt that launching a new operating system is a gamble. A company can never be sure if the fans are going to like and accept it. In case the PC and laptop users reject the Windows 8, it is quite possible that Linux vendors might be the biggest beneficiaries. They have stated that they have overlooked such opportunities in the past but not any more. Should they find an opening, they will make the most of it.

Could Microsoft’s Gamble Prove to be the Opening Linux Needs?

However, those with expertise doubt the vendor’s claims. They feel that the Linux has been marketed and advertised poorly in the past. To ensure they capture the market should Windows 8 fail, the vendors need to put a solid marketing push in the coming months. Unless the users are aware of the available alternatives, they would keep using Windows 8 or downgrade to Windows 7.

According to vendors though, they feel that the fact that people have to purchase Windows 7 to use it works in their favor as well. They have remarked that users aren’t in favor of spending money on an operating system. So, if they chose to stick with Windows, they would have to part with some cash to get a new operating system.

Knowing Microsoft, they would be prepared for all contingencies. They are putting much of their reputation on the line with the new-look operating system. Windows 8 is loaded with new features and many changes have been made to the existing design. It could misfire or could be the best thing Microsoft created. While there is little doubt that Windows 8 would succeed on handheld devices, it is the computers’ users Linux vendors wishes to target and capture before Microsoft has a chance to react.


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