There used to be this joke that the older generation and technology don’t go well together. The development of new devices and software has quickly changed that perception, with seniors relying more and more on consumer technology. Personally, I’ve always thought that tablets like the iPad were perfect for my mom, who finds the interface intuitive.

Tapestry Tablet

Tapestry Tablet

That’s what Tapestry aims to address, as for sure, there are still those who have problems adapting to various devices and software. Tapestry offers a full range of services for seniors, from a tablet to a web service to an Android app.

Their tagline, “The easiest way to stay connected to your family without worrying about technology”, is indeed a very tempting offer. Even those who may not be in their senior years, but have some sort of “misunderstand” with technology, will benefit from the company’s solutions.

Tapestry has its own tablet, although it is basically a Toshiba tablet that runs on Android. You may opt to purchase this, but any other Android tablet will work just as fine with Tapestry’s system.

There are two main account types to choose from: Sharing and Simplicity. The former is aimed at people who are more technologically inclined and are assumed to be the members of the family who will share the photos and other content. The latter is aimed at the seniors and less technologically inclined members of the family. Here are the details of the pricing scheme.


Tapestry Pricing

Tapestry also – smartly – integrates Facebook, allowing the sharing of photos via the social network. This will certainly save current Facebook users time and effort. Other alternative ways of sharing: via email or the Tapestry web site.

The concept is remarkably simple, and if the apps really do simplify things, then it might be a good thing to consider this Christmas for your parents or grandparents. For me, my mom is already all over Facebook, so there is no going back!

[Images via Tapestry]