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Google sits pretty at the top of Apple’s download charts after its Maps app was downloaded like crazy by iOS users. The free app... Google Maps Crosses 10 Million Downloads on iOS6

Google sits pretty at the top of Apple’s download charts after its Maps app was downloaded like crazy by iOS users. The free app was made available to the users on December 13th and crossed the 10 million downloads mark within two days. Even when considering the fact that the users didn’t have to pay for it, reaching 10 million downloads inside two days is quite unbelievable. It does appear that the iPhone users were waiting for Google Maps to show up in the App Store.

Google Maps Crosses 10 Million Downloads on iOS6

Puts Apple’s Map Fiasco into Perspective

Earlier this year, Apple had released its own maps app for the sixth generation iOS. However, that ended badly as it was found out that the app was quite ready for use. In the rush of launching the new iPhone, Apple released it prematurely. It created a fiasco which went on for several days and Apple CEO Tim Cook had to apologize to the users. In fact, it was Cook who first suggested that users look for alternatives to Apple’s maps app like Google Maps.

Also, the whole fiasco led to the dismissal of Scott Forstall who was overseeing the development of the app. The episode generated a lot of criticism for Apple in what has been an overall successful year for the company. They have launched new versions of the iPhone and iPad alongside other major developments. Yet, the maps mess was something they could have done without.

From day one, it was evident that Apple had missed a trick on its own maps app. For starters, the town of Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK wasn’t even present on the map. Also, users trying to view maps in satellite mode weren’t able to do so as cloud cover was blocking the view. Possibly the biggest incident occurred in Australia when the app threw travelers off course when they were in the outback. It took little time for Apple to issue a statement asking users to stop using the maps app.

A Sense of Irony

It is quite ironical that Google Maps has reached 10 million iOS downloads within 2 days. Until September this year, Google Maps was the app of choice for iOS users. After that, Apple launched its own app and the rest is history. It only goes to show how far superior Google’s Maps are when compared with Apple’s. Despite the recent incident involving the island which doesn’t exist, Google Maps are considered reliable and dependable the world over.

Even though most users have switched over to Google Maps, they aren’t able to delete the in-built maps feature. What this means for iPhone users is that they have two applications for maps on their devices one of which is useless. As for Google Maps, it has brought quite a lot to the table, including 3D viewing, listings for over 80 million businesses and directions for travelling. Hence, it should come as no surprise that more people are accessing the App Store to download Google Maps with each passing minute.


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