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2012 has been a wonderful year for Linux. There is no doubt that the open source platform is in better hands than ever and... Slax Linux Reincarnated with Version 7.0

2012 has been a wonderful year for Linux. There is no doubt that the open source platform is in better hands than ever and has enjoyed a lot of success. The distributions have increased and more companies are now willing to use the Linux operating system than before. It has been the persistence and perseverance shown by independent developers, designers and programmers associated with the project.

Another notable aspect of the current year has been the fact that Linux has been reviving old projects which had faded out. A couple of months back, the Damn Small Linux was revived after it had been off the scene for over four years. In a similar development, the Slax Linux has been reincarnated after three years have passed with any new versions, updates or upgrades. The new version of the Slax Linux would be 7.0 and the code name is Green Horn.

Slax Linux Reincarnated with Version 7.0


Users will now be able to reboot their PCs using the Slax Linux 7.0 which carries a number of Linux features and software along with the upgraded user interface. According to the announcement made regarding the launch of Slax Linux 7.0, it was revealed that it would run the latest Linux Kernel while also including the GCC Compiler. The best thing about the new Slax Linux is that it takes up only 210 MB of space on your computer.

The developers have also worked on making the new Slax Linux modular. In fact, users would be able to seamlessly integrate any software or program they want into the Slax Linux 7.0. What this means is that they don’t have to sacrifice their preference regarding specific software. Slax has been made available in over 50 languages with distinct features pertaining to fonts and system settings included for each one of them.

The folks at Linux have kept up with tradition and the Slax Linux 7.0 is already available as a free download. There are no indications yet that they are going to charge money for it. Given the spate of new releases throughout the year, it is clear that despite being an open source platform, Linux is reliable, efficient and incredibly useful. Users do have the option of ordering a 16 GB USB for $25 which comes with Slax Linux 7.0 pre-installed.

This news would be greeted with much cheer by Linux enthusiasts. Also, the launch of Slax Linux 7.0 gives people a chance to use any old computers or hardware they have.


[Image via amarillolinux]