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This past week saw Christmas come and go and is the last week before the New Year. Suitably, the videos trending on the web... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

This past week saw Christmas come and go and is the last week before the New Year. Suitably, the videos trending on the web at this time embody the holiday season as well as the upcoming 2013. In addition, you can watch a child prodigy displaying an unusual skill which will surely become a viral success as well as the trailer for a fake foreign language film. Here is the eclectic list of this week’s top 5 trending videos.

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

10-Year Old Boy Shows Drumming Skills…… on a Washing Machine

10-year old kids’ playing the drums is nothing new. There was a boy who did it in School of Rock. However, this video shows a 10-year old playing the drums on a washing machine! Looking at the skill level displayed by the kid in the video, one can’t help but feel here is a great drummer in the making. For good measure, the person who uploaded the video has made it clear that the boy indeed owns a proper drum set and household appliances aren’t the only instruments he plays.

A Song from Space

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has done what no one else has done before: recorded a song in space. Hadfield has been on the International Space Station for over a decade now and has commented that playing the guitar is among his favorite hobbies while he floats around in space. To showcase his skills, Hadfield has recorded a song titled Jewel in the Night. While the song is not a classic, Hadfield’s effort is worth praising.

The Shadow Pico Trailer

Bad Lip Reading has become well known for spoofing movies including Twilight. This time they have gone after British band One Direction. Taking the band’s video Gotta Be You, Bad Lip Reading has dubbed phony foreign sounding languages over the visuals. The result is hilarious, especially for those who have seen the original song. Titled Shadow Pico, the video is fast racking up views.

Mind-Boggling World Records

The folks have Guinness have incorporated the most breathtaking world records of 2012 into one 4-minute package. The video features PSY with his monster hit Gangnam Style, Felix Baumgartner’s space jump and the shortest man in the world. The video does not clearly state which record is being depicted but it surely is a must watch. You will learn a lot about world records in the process.

Dad’s Genuine Emotions on Receiving Christmas Present from Son

Last, but not the least, is one of the most heart-touching videos of the year. In the video, you see the father of Daniel Buckhannan receiving a fedora hat from his son. He is already emotional on receiving the hat when he discovers the hat holds tickets to the BCS national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. As it turns out, Daniel’s father is an Alabama man to the core and his reaction says it all. See it to believe it.

These are this week’s top 5 trending videos. Have fun watching them all!


[Image via wendyshat]