It’s true. Many of  New York City’s cabs will soon display passenger friendly, compact vending machines.

To improve your New York  taxi experiences, the taxi version of the Vengo machine, called Taxi Treats, will offer products like energy drinks, snack bars, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, gum, cologne, and possibly even condoms. The electronic vendor, which will be mounted to the back of the driver’s seat, will be equipped with a touch screen and accept credit cards only.

Vending Machines in a Taxi?

How did this come about?

The designer, Brian Shimmerlik wanted to bring back the vending machines of the 1980’s, while adding modern technology and meeting the current needs of the public. Shimmerlik commented to the New York Post about the 80’s vending machines, saying, “They’ve become extinct.” .

Shimmerlik, a New York University MBA candidate, was awarded a $17,500 grant for his product’s development in 2012 by the New York City Economic Development Council. Since the grant, he has also raised $1 million in private funding.

The Development and Availability

Though the first Vengo was installed in a New York bar last week, the machine was intentionally designed for Taxis. However, since Shimmerlik is considering 10,000 locations around New York, it’s likely that Vengo machines will start showing up in many other public locations such as office buildings, doctor’s offices and more bars. Especially considering the fact that the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission has yet to approve the device for installation in the city’s cabs. Shimmerlik’s suggestion to ease the commission and entice Taxi owners is  to add the Taxi Treat bill in with the price of the cab.

Vending Machines in a Taxi?

New Yorkers are always on the go, absorbed in a hectic work schedules and the city’s energetic nightlife. To meet the demand for convenience, Taxi Treats will save you extra stops along your way and help you prepare yourself for your destination.

[Images via designboom]