Marvel has teamed up with  music-planning company, Cord, and  are collaborating on a new project that will blend digital comic books with non-lyrical, pace setting music. Marvel’s hope for Project Gamma is to add a new layer to it’s comic books and enhance the reader’s experience.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso called the music “adaptive audio” and explains how although it is “event driven”, it won’t speed up if you read faster than its rhythm or turn the pages too quickly. And fans should be pleased that they can experience the books sound track at no additional cost on a digital comic book issues that typically cost the reader 99 cents.

Comic books in the digital world

These days, people are more likely to watch videos than to read, and when they do read it’s usually something on their Kindle, cell phone, or computer. Therefore, traditional reading material, by necessity, must evolve to become more engaging to today’s tech savvy readers.

Alonso told SXSW  “Digital is exploding. Marvel has always been a forefront of innovation. We want to find as many ways to get comics in peoples’ hands as possible.” And he was unconcerned with the decline of printed comics, saying, “We see it as being complementary to print. “ And said that he  believes the digital comic experience could  “potentially to drive people toward print.”

Project Gamma: A Digital Experience for Comic Fans

New stuff from Marvel

To continue in that quest for innovation, Marvel has revealed some upcoming enhancements and updates to it’s digital books and announced that it will run a weekly issue of the Infinite Comic which will contain multiple chapters and feature a collection of fan favorite Marvel Characters.

The first of these is Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted and is set to launch on July 9th. As will all of the coming issues of Infinite Comic, it will consist of 13 chapters.

[Images via newsarama & news.cnet]