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Russian phone maker Yota Devices is on a high with the recent release of its smartphone, the YotaPhone. The Android-based device was launched in... Russian YotaPhone to Be Manufactured In Singapore

Russian phone maker Yota Devices is on a high with the recent release of its smartphone, the YotaPhone. The Android-based device was launched in December 2012 and was noted for its dual-screen design. The company has now decided that the phones would no longer be made in Russia but in Singapore. In a deal with Singapore Hi-P, Yota Devices has agreed to have the YotaPhones manufactured in Singapore from now on.

Russian YotaPhone to Be Manufactured In Singapore

The YotaPhone: A Sophisticated, Advanced Device

Even though the YotaPhone originates from Russia, it has some features which make it stand out from the plethora of smartphones on the market. It boasts of a dual-screen which even Apple and Samsung have not yet brought to the market. This way, a person can use the phone from either side, although the displays are quite different. This is the reason why the production of the device requires special supervision and careful monitoring.

For people used to seeing iPhones and Android-based smartphones around all the time, the YotaPhone can appear a bit weird at first. However, some market experts have commented on the fact that one gets used to it over time. Yota Devices are confident about the future of their smartphone which is why they are now producing it in Asia. They will be able to penetrate the Asian market and sell their phones there as well.

Hi-P, A Growing Manufacturer

Not many people are aware of the Singaporean manufacturer Hi-P. In fact, you would have a hard time finding someone this side of the Atlantic who’s heard of them. Despite this, it is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in Asia. The company is a Tier 1 manufacturer that produces devices on a contract basis. The deal with Yota Devices is going to propel the company towards more success and boost its growth.

Official YotaPhone Release Soon

Yota Devices is working hard to make sure the device is ready for selling by the date of its launch. They have set up multiple development teams across the globe working on perfecting the design and many features the smartphone is going to have. As you know, the first generation of any smartphone sets the tone for the future. If the company is able to put out a high quality device from the outset, there is no doubt they can look to produce more versions of the same.

The YotaPhone would be released in Russia first, which is understandable. The rest of the world would get to the see the dual-screen smartphone in the second half of the year. If they nail the promotion campaign, Yota Devices could get people interested in the two screens on one phone design. The size of the screens is the same, i.e. 4.3 inches. The major difference is that the front screen is a 720 HD LCD screen while the rear screen is an eInk 200pi screen.

There is no doubt that the YotaPhone is a unique device in a smartphone market crowded by prototypes of the same device. This novelty factor might help drive it towards success.

[Image via techcrunch]