The rumor mill is busy once again – not that it ever gets some rest, as we know very well. This time, the rumors point to something rather positive for Apple, with the United States Department of Defense supposedly getting ready to acquire 650,000 iDevices. Based on an exclusive report by Electronista, the DoD has a pending purchase for tons of Apple hardware. This is in line with a mobile device testing program that is being conducted by the department.

US Department of Defence To Get 650,000 iDevices

What will those 650,000 iDevices be? Electronista’s sources state that the breakdown is as follows:

  • 120,000 iPads
  • 100,000 iPad Minis
  • 200,000 iPod Touches
  • 210,000 iPhones

That’s as detailed as we can get for the time being, as the models of the US DoD iDevices have not been revealed. While those details will definitely be interesting for the people who will get to use them, the specific information does not really matter all that much. The bottom line is that Apple is going to get a nice sum from the order.

At the other end, BlackBerry will be suffering from this development. It is no secret that the government has prior contracts with the manufacturer, but if Electronista’s source is to be believed, BlackBerry is going to lose out with the US DoD iDevices plan. The main culprit for this is the latest BlackBerry operating system, the BB10. Current estimates point at about 470,000 BlackBerry devices being in use by the DoD – on a daily basis. The problem is that these devices are not compatible with BB10. Instead of going for upgraded BlackBerry devices, the DoD turns to Apple instead.

Then again, rumors are just that – rumors – until they are confirmed. Computerworld talked to a spokesperson from the DoD, who was quick to point out that the sources of the rumors are not official. He also said that the DoD is not dumping BlackBerry.

“We are not dumping BlackBerry as Electronista and others have indicated. We’re moving to multiple devices, and that includes BlackBerry.” ~ Air Force Lt. Col. Damien Pickart

Still, that little bit about “moving to multiple devices” may support the talk about the huge US DoD iDevices order.

[Image via wired]