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A new game by Kuato Studios is now a free a free available app app for download on the  iPad and iPad Mini. Hakitzu:... Hakitzu: Kids Learn to Code with Battling Robots

A new game by Kuato Studios is now a free a free available app app for download on the  iPad and iPad Mini. Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior. The combat game has been geared toward children between the ages of 11 and 16, however, the game could be fun and beneficial to adult players as well.

Teaching Codes

The benefit is that the game teaches players how to code. In order to control the game’s robots, a player must enter basic JavaScript, programming the avatar to perform different movements and melee actions. Players go head to head in arena battles and take turns entering codes to move their characters and wield weapons to defeat their opponent. As the battles progress, so does the difficulty of the codes. No previous programming experience is needed, as the in-game keyboard is customized with commonly used keys, making it easy for children to catch on.

Kuato Studios’ aim it to familiarize children with variables, functions, core construction of code and syntax for JavaScript, giving children a basic understanding of coding by the end of the game. Founder and CEO. Frank Meehan explains that the company play tested the game in schools around the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Principal of New Milford High School, Eric Sheninger, spoke of the the games effect on the children, saying “What was very interesting was, for well over an hour, how engaged these students were without much instruction,”

Kuato Artificial Intelligence (KAI)

The brains of the game is Kuato Artificial Intelligence platform, developed by a team of AI and NLP scientists. KAI ’s core is the next generation of Virtual Personal Assistants by the developers of SRI International. KAI companions gives new abilities to AI, improving their capability to reason, converse, and even remember.

Hakitzu’s goal to educate children in coding JavaScript, could give children the right introduction into technology, and be a great asset to their future.

[Image via mashable]