Did you know that 74% of workers are always job hunting? According to a 2012 study from CareerBuilder, almost three quarters of all workers are either actively searching for a new job or open to a new opportunity.  Enter Kareer.me.  A new startup that is gaining some traction, Kareer.me is a new kind of network for finding employers, that is particularly suited for the casual job seeker.

Kareer.me Offers Passive Job Hunting

Kareer.me is much more than a typical job hunting site, where after looking at a traditional job description, the user uploads a resume.  Rather, Kareer.me takes a more wholistic approach to the discovery of a job or employer.  The platform is designed to display company culture.  Companies that are listed with Kareer.me can create a hub page with information about their company culture.  Included in the hub page can be slideshows of the physical office space, profiles of current company employees, open job opportunities, or anything else that contributes to providing the user with a sense of the company culture.

Kareer.me users can “follow” a company without actually specifying interest in any particular position.  The ability to follow a company without actually signaling any sort of intent, makes Kareer.me a perfect match for the casual job seeker, who may or may not actually be actively looking for a new position. For companies, or recruiters, Kareer.me offers a valuable and convenient service.  A company hub page can be easily and quickly set up by a company.  Also, in the future, Kareer.me plans to offer a companies the ability to build a Kareer.me page into their own sites. Kareer.me is currently in beta testing.  While the company profiles will remain free for users, the job postings will only be free for a limited amount of time.

[Image via angel]