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Microsoft’s plans to say goodbye to the Windows Live Messenger and simultaneously switch users to Skype have taken root very slowly with many users... Microsoft Sunsets Messenger & Offers Free Skype Calls

Microsoft’s plans to say goodbye to the Windows Live Messenger and simultaneously switch users to Skype have taken root very slowly with many users still being unwilling to upgrade and say good bye to the dearly beloved yet often abused Windows Live Messenger. The decision to switch to Skype was made as Microsoft was choosing to say good bye to WLM. Users were forewarned about the change yet despite the fact that the closing date is looming, many remain stubbornly unmoved.

Enticing By Offering More Skyping

Therefore in a bid to get the ball rolling and Microsoft has resorted to using the dangling the carrot on a stick technique in order to make their users follow the change. The said carrot in this scenario being free Skype credits for calls. Users are offered free services which will be absolutely free for the whole duration of a month. With Skype being so universally utilized, this means opens the possibility of contacting their loved ones on their cell phones or landline numbers without having to pay the due amount.

Microsoft Sunsets Windows Live Messenger & Offers Free Skype Calls

Free Skype Calls Landlines and Cellphones of Selected Countries

Luckily, users can avail this offer to make Skype calls to landline numbers of over 40countries; free cell phone calls are available in only 7 countries. However, users need not despair since there is quite an extensive list which allots calls to Austria, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Belgium, Croatia,Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands and many more. Moreover, users will be pleasantly surprised to find that China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Puerto Rico and Singapore offer both free landline and mobile phone calls under the deal for a completely unlimited time period.

The Deal Picks You

Before  rushing off to update accounts and use the dea;, users might have to wait till they receive one of Microsoft’s ‘Sunset Emails’ before they can be considered eligible for it. That’s right, you don’t pick the deal; the deal picks you. Once you receive the email, if you can successfully provide data that shows and supports your valid payment details for your Skype account, then you can return to the email to click on the hidden redeeming link and avail the offer.

Still Not Convinced?

Unfortunately if you’re still sitting their wondering “Why should I upgrade?” Here’s the reason why: once the deadline passes, which is on April 8th,  users will no longer be able to sign up to the Messenger service and will be either automatically upgraded or supposedly have their accounts discontinued. In either situation, it seems that whether you like it or not, Microsoft will pull you kicking and screaming towards the new change and frankly, it’s rather refreshing to see Microsoft aiming at providing their users with more streamlined services that are more in sync with their revamped looks and their streamlined products.

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