Since its launch, Flipboard has quickly become one of the go-to news and content apps for many information-hungry users. With its “flip-to-read” functionality and pleasing aesthetics, the success of the app is not really a surprise. To make the user experience even better, Flipboard launched personalized magazines earlier this year. Initially, the feature was only made available to iOS users, leaving the millions of Android users out in the cold.

Flipboard Personalized Magazines Now On Android

The good news for Android users who love the app is that Flipboard personalized magazines are now available!

Even without this feature on Android, the success of Flipboard is impressive with a total of 56 million users to date. With this new addition, it is safe to assume that more users will be tempted to pick out the app among the not-so-few similar apps in the market.

If you’re an Android user who has been wanting Flipboard to give you more, then the ability to create personalized magazines will give you something to do in your downtime. Or something to add to your daily flow.

Flipboard personalized magazines gives you the power to put together different kind of content – news items, photos, videos, and even status updates. The result is your very own magazine that revolves around a topic or theme of your choosing.

Even better, Android users get a bonus feature that iOS users might want in on. With the new Flipboard personalized magazines, Android users have the ability to “flip” content from other native applications. For example, you can easily incorporate content into your magazine from YouTube, your web browser, or even your own photo gallery. iOS users, on the other hand, have to be within the Flipboard app to flip content. Not such a bad situation, really, but you can’t deny that the added functionality for Android is desirable!

Another thing that gives a better flavor to the user experience is the new web tool, which gives users the capability manage – create and edit – Flipboard personalized magazines. This tool makes the entire process faster and easier.

Feeling creative? Maybe it’s time to spend more time on Flipboard. Instead of merely being a consumer of information, you can be part of the creative process, or at least the curation process.

Is this something that entices you?

[Image via t3kd]