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This cool gadget is a great thing to have if you never want to part ways with your smartphone and want to keep it... Clipless Phone Mount for Clothes or any Surface

This cool gadget is a great thing to have if you never want to part ways with your smartphone and want to keep it on you even when you’re not wearing a bag or clothes that have pockets.

Clipless is a strong mounting device that can attach your smartphone to any place imaginable, including your clothes, a wall, your car’s dashboard and basically anything that has a flat surface.

Clipless Phone Mount for Clothes or any Surface

The device was invented by Canadian design company They Innovate and is currently on Kickstarter, where it has exceeded its $25,000 goal, with still more than 20 days left of the campaign.  Backers can get a full Clipless package for any surface and clothing for a pledge of $35.

The magnetic mount consists of a total of four pieces designed to provide the user with multiple possibilities as to what surface to attach their smartphone to. The pieces will be sold as a whole, but also separately, when Clipless is expected to start shipping this October.Clipless Phone Mount for Clothes, Any Surface

How does Clipless work?

The first component of the gadget is a connector with adhesive, which has to be attached to the back of the phone or tablet. Developers say this adhesive works with any type of phone or tablet, but also with any case made of almost every kind of material. The adhesive however allows only one use, which means that if you want to use another phone with the device, you will need another connector.

The second piece is the actual magnetic Clipless. The magnetic tab is paired with a disc, the third piece, to allow users to easily attach the phone to their clothes. Basically, the magnet is first attached to the connector and then to the outside of your clothes, being held into place by the disc, worn inside the fabric.

clipless mount

The fourth piece is used only for mounting the Clipless on flat surfaces such as walls. The wall mount is ideal for your smartphone or tablet and what’s really interesting about it is that it is NFC-enabled. This means that you will be able to run all sorts of apps on your device, possibly even linked to the specific location where you mount your phone.

When not in use, Clipless can be easily carried around in your purse or pocket. Don’t worry that the magnetic tab may damage your credit cards: although it is strong enough to hold a sledgehammer, the magnet is safely shielded.

What do you think of this device? Would you give Clipless a try?

[Images via Kickstarter & Clipless]