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There is something to be said about not having to leave your chair – or bed, for that matter – to make purchases. There... Microsoft Joins Specialty Store Fray with Windows Stores

There is something to be said about not having to leave your chair – or bed, for that matter – to make purchases. There are many reasons, after all, that online shopping has become a default for many people. Of course, that does not totally discount the fact that there are still people who prefer to go to  brick-and-mortar establishments. Even those who prefer online shopping may want to, once in a while, go out and be in the real world.

Windows Stores

Giants in the consumer electronic niche do not disregard the importance of real-world stores. Just look at Apple, which has been very successful with its real-life Apple Stores. Of course, Samsung was not about to be outdone, and even though it was a little late in the game, it did launch Samsung Experience Stores – within Best Buy premises, though.

Now, Microsoft is joining the specialty store fray with its very own “Windows Stores”.

In an announcement last week, Microsoft revealed that it has gotten together with Best Buy (why are we not surprised) and Future Shop. In line with this partnership, the company is going to launch Windows Stores in the United States and Canada. Starting this summer, you Windows users will be able to have a uniquely Microsoft experience within said stores – 500 Best Buy branches across the USA and more than 100 Best Buy and Future Shop branches in Canada.

What’s unique about the concept? I honestly am not sure, as the basic idea is nothing new. According to Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft:

Well, unlike a lot of store-within-a-store concepts, this will actually be a department-level takeover within Best Buy stores. And they will be massive in size, up to 2,200 square feet in some locations. The other unique thing about the Windows Store is the people. There will be an additional 1,200 staff on hand to provide a great customer experience, whether it’s choosing the right PC or showing consumers how to stream Xbox music through their Surface. Finally, the online experience should be fantastic. We’ll have a full online Windows Store experience that will mirror the in-store look-and-feel and offer a full range of Microsoft products, even those from other places in the Best Buy store.

Does that convince you? Maybe this promotional video will.

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