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Strong passwords are crucial for the security of your personal information and we’re always told to never use the same password twice and to... myIDkey Keeps Your Passwords Handy

Strong passwords are crucial for the security of your personal information and we’re always told to never use the same password twice and to use complex strings of letters, numbers and symbols.

But how can we remember all those different passwords and where can we store them so that they’re safe yet accessible? Forget about password pills and tattoos, this little gadget called myIDkey may be the solution.

myIDkey Keeps Your Passwords Handy


Biometric and voice search functions

Developed by California-based company Arkami, myIDkey is practically a portable password management system that stores all of your passcodes and private information, under an extra layer of security: biometric identification.

myIDkey is practically a thumb drive that is fingerprint-encrypted. Users just have to swipe their finger over the fingerprint scanner to gain access. This security measure can be doubled by a tap sequence function. This is an optional function and if enabled, users will have to tap the drive’s button a certain number of times and in a specific sequence to gain access.

Another interesting feature of the product is the voice search. Users can just press the drive’s voice button and just say what password they need. The password will be then displayed on the gadget’s OLED screen.

The thumb drive can also be used as a regular password manager. When it’s plugged into a computer, it automatically fills in login forms, which means the user will not have to waste time looking for the passwords. The device can also connect with smartphones via Bluetooth.

Self-destruct capability

But what’s really unique about myIDkey is that if you lose it, you won’t have to worry that somebody else may gain access to your information. If there are multiple failed attempts to access its contents, the drive automatically deletes all information.

The beauty of it is that you can easily restore your information if you purchase a new device or find the one you lost: all your personal passwords and data are also securely stored in the cloud.

myIDkey thumb drive

myIDKey can be used to store all sorts of data, not only web passwords. It can also store home security PIN codes, bank account numbers and any codes in general. The drive just recently ended a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where it raised three times its initial goal of $150,000.

The 16 GB drive will start shipping in September and is currently available for pre-orders at a retail price of $170.

What do you think of the myIDkey? Is this gadget a safe and comfortable way to store your passwords?

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