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Leap Motion is set to release its controller in late July. This week it enters the next stage of the beta test with its... The Leap Motion Controller is Only A Month Away

Leap Motion is set to release its controller in late July. This week it enters the next stage of the beta test with its early access developers.

Later this week, the company also plan to open up the developer portal to the public, giving developers who aren’t in the beta, a chance to become familiar with Leap’s developer tools.

In a quote to Mashable, Michael Buckwald Ceo of Leap Motion said “We have the only technology in the world that is able to track 10 fingers, two hands, with a lot of accuracy.”

Leap Motion

Scroll through the Windows 8 Start Screen using only your hands

The Leap controller can track movement to a 100th of a millimeter. It lets you navigate through the Windows 8 Start screen, launch and play games on your PC by waving your hands in the air- you don’t have to touch the keyboard!

You’d think with it being such a cutting edge device it will cost the earth but the Leap Motion Controller will cost $79.99.

The applications and games available really take advantage of the controller, with one demo allowing you to see on screen what the controller sees. Another demo even shows how the controller sees your hands, each individual finger and detects the smallest of wrist movements.

leap motion


Leap have added a discovery platform called Airspace, where Leap Motion Controllers owners can look for apps that work along with the controller. Apps will be stored in a desktop launcher called Airspace Home; this includes apps that you download to use with the controller but also any apps that you already have on your computer that use the Leap Motion API. For example the Google Earth map can already be used with Leap Motion.

Developers will be able to sell their apps through the Airspace app store and Buckwald says that there will be a mix of free and paid apps. Prices will vary from 99 cents for some games, to over $500 for professional programs.

There are currently 50 apps available but this is set to increase dramatically with the device’s release in July.

The Leap Motion Controller is available for pre-order now, priced at $79.99, with shipping expected on July 22. Asus and HP have made plans to include the technology in some future PCs.

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