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World’s Oldest Calendar Dates Back 10,000 Years
Humankind has been developing systems to track time for thousands of years, but a recent discovery shows that such systems were already in use a lot earlier than previously thought. Archeologists found what is believed to be the world’s oldest calendar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The lunar calendar is about... Read more
NASA Fails in Cloud Computing Security
The space agency NASA has been increasingly moving data to the cloud but according to a new report from the agency’s Office of the Inspector General, NASA needs to work on strengthening its information technology security practices. “We found that weaknesses in NASA’s IT governance and risk management practices... Read more
Viber Adds Doodle Feature to Android App
Viber, the Mobile messaging and VoIP service provider, has introduced a new ‘doodle’ feature to its Android application, which allows users to graffiti over photos or create drawings from scratch. The recent update comes close to three months after Viber increased its Skype-rivaling credentials by rolling out video-calling apps for Windows... Read more
What to Look Forward to in Android 4.3
Not long after Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was officially announced by Google, smartphone manufacturers started to make their own related announcements. Sony, in particular, gave a short list of phones that will run on the newest Android version. Of course, you do not have to buy a new phone... Read more
Nokia’s “Treasure Tags” Help You Find Lost Keys
There is nothing more frustrating than losing your keys, but thanks to Nokia that might no longer be a problem. According to sources the firm is planning to launch a “Treasure Tag” accessory that is able to track items using Bluetooth and NFC with a Lumia Windows phone. Apparently... Read more
MediaTek Releases 8 Core Processor
It seems to have been the case for a long time now that Android hardware manufacturers have  suffered from an obsessive focus on specs. They have battle rage over clock rates, processor cores, megapixels, resolution, etc.  These performance specs keep increasing in size and power and may seem to... Read more
First 3D Printed Rifle Test Fired
Missed all the controversy surrounding 3D printed weapons and their potentially disastrous effects or not, depending on who you’re asking? Rest assured, for we now have what is believed to be the world’s first 3D printed rifle being successfully test fired. Well, okay, maybe not 100 percent successfully, given... Read more
U.S. Navy Uses Kinect to Combat Sexual Assault
Microsoft’s Kinect is an amazing piece of technology with a huge potential to be used in many different areas that would benefit from motion tracking. And now the United States Navy has found another use for the technology. The Navy plans to use Kinect to combat sexual assault and... Read more
Sony & Panasonic Announce Plans for a Blu-ray Successor
Sony and Panasonic have announced that they want to develop an optical disc that can hold at least 300 gigabytes of data by 2015. This is to be a successor to the Blu-ray discs, which can only hold up to 50 GB. In the past Sony has said that... Read more
Sony Phones That Will Have Android 4.3
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is finally out of the bag, much to the delight of Android enthusiasts. In a press event held last July 24, Google unveiled the highly anticipated mobile operating system, and not too surprisingly, it also announced that the OS will be launched on the new... Read more
Telecommuting For Apple: Hard Work Tastes Sweet
Earlier this year a leaked memo broke the news  that Yahoo was to end its work-from-home program.  The company’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, was both lauded and lambasted for the decision.  However, companies like Best Buy followed by announcing that they too would end their flexible work options, while some analysts... Read more
Google Asked to Remove 100 Million Links to “Piracy” Websites in 2013
Since January 2013, Google has received requests to remove more than 100 million links to web pages that are considered to be in breach of copyright laws. This is proof that publishers are determined to stamp out internet piracy, especially when you consider that the number of requests has... Read more
Implanting False Memories is Possible… At Least in Mice
Researchers have managed to bring Christopher Nolan’s 2010 mind-bending film Inception to life at least for mice, by successfully implanting false memories in the minds of rodents. The experiment was conducted by the same Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) team that discovered that memories are stored in individual neurons.... Read more
Microsoft’s 1 Million Servers: What Are They For?
Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer recently revealed that the company has over one million servers in its datacenter infrastructure. The statement, made at Microsoft’s 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference, was the first time the company officially acknowledged the extent of its infrastructure. But what do Microsoft’s 1 million servers mean for... Read more
Facebook Shares Soar
Facebook quarterly profit and sales exceed Wall Street’s expectations, sending stock soaring in afterhours trading. Facebook shares soared 25% on Thursday, the morning after it posted strong results and said its mobile advertising business continues to gain traction. Facebook has reported second-quarter revenue of $1.8 billion on Wednesday, exceeding analysts’... Read more
Disney’s Aireal Lets You Feel The Unreal
At the Siggraph conference in Anaheim, Disney Research showed off a new invention called Aireal. This haptic technology promises to allow people to interact with imaginery objects that are rendered out of thin air. So imagine, there is a computer image of a butterfly nearby, the butterfly slowly moves... Read more
You Can Now Pre-Order Geeksphone Peak+
There is no shortage of smartphone choices today, and in fact, even the briefest look at what is on the table just might make you dizzy with all the brands and models available. Of course, there are fan boys and fan girls who will staunchly defend their preferred OS,... Read more
Coming Soon Life-Size Holograms in Your Living Room
The first time I can remember seeing holograms was way back in the 1977 Science Fiction classic, Star Wars ,where we saw a tiny version of Princess Leia projected from R2D2. Now, only 36 years later,  life-size holograms could eventually be a reality in our own living room. A fledgling Los Angeles-based... Read more