Ever since the E3 show last month, we’ve all been caught up in a fierce debate about what next generation console is better and what features and specs would make it so.

To all those who are still trying to work that out, Xbox executive Albert Penello says that comparing next-generation console specs is meaningless and that what actually matters is the games.

Meaningless to Compare Console Specs, Xbox Execs Say

Penello also said that the discussion about which console is better, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, does not really matter. The same happened with previous generation consoles and this argument is pointless, because people debate things they don’t actually know about, the Xbox executive said.

His comment was a clear jab at Sony, whose PlayStation 4 was hailed by many fans and analysts as being a significantly more convenient and affordable option than the Xbox One. The greatest advantage Sony has is the price, as the PS4 will retail for $100 less than the Xbox One ($400 vs. $500).

The two consoles will be officially released this fall, but so far only Microsoft announced an exact date. Gaming fans who can’t wait until then to get their hands on the next-generation gaming platforms will get the chance to try them out at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas on August 28.

According to Penello, consumers will ultimately choose their next-generation consoles for the games it has, not for the technical specifications they see on paper. And in this respect, he added, Xbox developers feel that their console will be able to work some serious technical magic and offer an incredible gaming experience to fans.

It’s hard to disagree with Penello, but some gaming fans do look at the technical specs when purchasing their console. And we should also keep in mind that a great game requires equally great specifications to run smoothly.

How important are the console specs to you when you’re trying to decide what to buy? And just to add fuel to the fire, which of the two next-gen platforms has better technical specifications in your opinion?

[Image via Guardian]