It is almost impossible to read while running on the treadmill, yet many of us wish they could do it. The biggest problem, as you may very well know, is that your bouncing body and head will not be able to keep track of the static text displayed on your tablet.

A group of developers called Weartrons came up with a solution: the Run-n-Read device that allows you to easily read your tablet while running, without any eyestrain.

Read-n-Run: Read Your Tablet While Running

The device is paired with an e-reader application on your tablet and is specifically deign to track the movement of your head and shoulders. The app then moves the text in sync with your eyes, which basically makes reading while running the same with reading while standing still. To anyone standing still, the text will be shown bouncing, while for the runner, it will look static.

The clip-on device attaches to the collar of your T-shirt or to a headband. To flip the pages of the text they’re reading, wearers have to tap the Run-n-Read: once to turn forward and twice to turn backwards.

What’s even nicer is that this gadget can also act as a fitness tracker and thus help keep your weight in check by measuring the steps you take and the calories you burn in the process.

The Run-n-Read comes with the free app and works on any iOS and Android device to either make the text readable or transmit information about your physical activity and compare it to weekly averages.

The New York based developing team is currently raising funds to improve the product and start mass production. Early backers can get their own Read-n-Run device for $55 on the fundraising site.

This is not the first project of the kind. Purdue University scientists recently came up with a similar system using goggles and an infrared camera. But the Read-n-Run is significantly more user-friendly, as it does not require any goggles.

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rnr from Weartrons on Vimeo.

[Image via itworld]